Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week #2--July 27, 2015

So I have legit zero time today, they gave us like 10 minutes, so I'm just sending you a quick update. My real email will come next monday!

I'm finally here! And I'm so in love already. It's really gorgeous, I love my fellow missionaries that I've met and I love the President and his Wife. I arrived safely yesterday at around 4:10 California time, because our flight was delayed for a bit.

I haven't met my trainer yet, because President is still busy interviewing the other 28 missionaries that arrived here yesterday. There's 170 total in the mission.

Elders Paxton, Golden and I spent the night in the zone leaders apartment, and that was a cool intro to the area. 

But there wasn't any bedding, so I had to sleep with a bedazzled pillow and a pancho. Yep. A pancho. My leg kept getting stuck in the head hole during the night, and it was very uncomfortable. But it sure makes for a fun story. 
It's very hot down here. Like VERY hot. But luckily we've been in the mission home most of the time. 

Most missionaries have cars, which will be fun, but I was kind of looking forward to just biking the whole time. But I'll get over myself.

I've honestly never been happier in my life since coming here. Alma 26 keeps me going, because it gives me the goal of feeling like Ammon did when he came home with his companions. I know that I can't make it the whole 2 years alone, but through Christ and his help I can do all things. I'm so grateful for your comforting words, and your words of encouragement. I miss and love you all and will respond to you personally when I have more time. I promise. :) 

Church is true!

Here is a picture of me with all the newly arrived missionaries:

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