Monday, October 10, 2016

Week #65--October 10, 2016

Short one! This week was good. 

Found 4 new investigators. All agreed to be baptized, so lets see if they can keep commitments and follow through!
Barstow is FULL of crazy people. You don't even know, lol. It's kind of sad but also really cool to see such diversity in personalities. 

I got super sick on Thursday. Still no feeling better. Hoping that changes. 

Quick spiritual thought: STAY WITH YOUR COMPANION! I read that in the missionary rules this week and I thought of it's spiritual significance. We all have companions that we need to stay near, even if not physically. Spouses, parents, children. We must be aware of these people and be near them emotionally and we must be on their side! 

The Holy Ghost is another companion that we must stay near, in a much more literal sense. Talk about a companion that can protect you from danger! 

And finally our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Are we standing by them with our actions? 

These companions can act as beacons of hope in our life. Elder Manes once said "You must become the Rock the river cannot wash away." And where will you find most rocks in a river? Near other rocks. Lone rocks can easily be moved and carried away by an increase of speed in the tide, or be human meddling. So stand with your companions that the Lord has blessed you with! Be the kind of companion that people want to stay near! Avoid fault finding in those who the Lord has blessed you with to live around. Find joy in serving your companions, especially your Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. Just as a missionary without his companion feels uncomfortable, scared and alone, so too we will feel as we distance ourselves from those who truly care. 

I love you all! Church is true!

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