Monday, December 28, 2015

Week #24--December 28, 2015

The weeks sure are flying by! If you can believe it, it's already week 5 of 6 for this transfer, which means there's a chance that my time with Elder Golden might be done! We both don't like to talk about it because we're enjoying ourselves far too much, but we know we'll have to get transferred eventually... But we figure at least one more transfer as a companionship would be real nice, haha.
The work is going well. We met a woman named Delores. She wants to be baptized. She has a big family too, which means a lot of baptisms! But we haven't been able to have an official sit down lesson with her because this last week was Christmas, but we're hoping to set something up for this week!
It was very refreshing to call home. It was nice to see my family and tell them how I love them. We spent a lot of Christmas with members, and that was nice. It was super weird not being home for Christmas, so it was nice to spend it with families that we have grown close to.
I don't know if there's too much I have left to say... Other than the Atonement is so real guys. I am so SO far from adequate. I feel so overwhelmed so often by all of the things that I'm doing wrong, but the Atonement is so very real. It gives me strength to know that the Savior broke the bands of MY temptations. He overcame the natural man, not just in general but the specifically referring to my sins and my temptations. He is helping me overcome that daily. It is such a real power. The healing power of the Atonement has changed and is changing me into a different man than what I was going to become without it. He has truly saved me, with his Grace. And that same power is available to all of us as we reach to him in Faith.
I love you all very much, 
and I know that this is Christ's one true Church on the earth today.

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