Monday, January 11, 2016

Week #26--January 11, 2016

***This was another week that Chipper did not send out a mass email, so I am sharing part of the letter to me (mom)***

I am very excited that Elder Golden and I are staying. That's a very nice feeling. And I really love this ward so much. 

We made a new ward mission plan last night. The old one was kind of vague... With just long term goals, and no steps to reach them. Not to mention it was made 2 years ago, and they just keep changing the date and submitting it. So we made a new plan with a 3 step process: Pray, Study, Share. 

The idea is each month they do a different challenge. PRAY: Every member prays daily for increased faith and opportunities to be a missionary. STUDY: We've assigned chapters and sections of Preach my gospel to study personally and as a family each month. SHARE: Each month has a different unique challenge, from handing out a pass along card working it's way up over the year to sharing things on social media, inviting people to watch the Christmas broadcast with your family, giving a friend a Book of Mormon, inviting friends to dinner with the missionaries, etc. 

And then we'll check up on it with the members each time we have dinner with them. We think it'll be a really effective way to get people excited about missionary work. 

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