Thursday, March 10, 2016

Week #34--March 10, 2016

.... But watch out....

I'm gonna do it again!
Another great week pals and.... other pals. 
Killing it here in Hesparia

I would fill you in on the last week and a half, but I honestly can't remember back that far. Legit, the days run together so much at this point it's not even fair. Someone had to remind me today that it's March. It's not even like the first or second day, we're like knee-deep into March and I still had not processed said fact. 
Cool experiences this last week: 

I went on exchanges with an Elder from Nigeria. That was pretty freaking legit. Elder Nephi Udeochu-Ogbonna. 

He's a beast. 

Also, we tracted into a lost member who wants to come back and have his 2 daughter's baptized. 

Also, we found 6 new investigators this last week. That means we've officially found more investigators these past 2 weeks than this area has found in the previous 7 months. 

Also, we got to go to the Temple this Morning.

Quick side track on that note, and with a much more serious tone of voice: That was so awesome. If you have not been to the temple, please prepare yourselves. It is so amazing. I missed it so much, having not been there for 6 months, but the spirit was so strong. So many fears were silenced, questions answered, and hopes rekindled in such a short period of time. (Not to mention, we went to Apollo Burger afterwards with our Ward Mission Leader and that was the real highlight of the past week and a half. SO good)

Back to the cool experiences

Actually, I'm kind of out. Not that there weren't like a billion others, but I don't remember like any of them. 
But before I close I want to emphasize something that was shared in Fast and Testimony meeting. The quote was 
"People would rather die than change".

Woah. Deep. But true. Another quote that goes hand in hand was from Elder Ogbonna "Once people find the truth, it changes EVERYTHING". 

One of the scariest things for us to accept is our own potential. I remember while teaching a less-active once he said "When I read my Patriarchal blessing, and saw what God expected of me, I put it away and never read it again". But God knew just how great that man could be. He knows how great each and everyone of us can be. By limiting our potential at all, we question the Power of our maker and question his ability to create. There were no mistakes in the creation process, and what makes that significant is that you were created to succeed. You were created to excel. You were created to rise above the world, and look past that which is worldly to that which trul matters. This success is dependent, however, on our Faith in and use of Our Saviors Atonement. Please don't sell yourself short. Rise up and take advantage of the blessings your Father in Heaven so desperately wants to give to you. 

Well, I could rant on that forever, but I'll stop there. I love you all so much. This work is incredible. 
Church is true!

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