Monday, March 28, 2016

Week #37--March 28th

First off, wrecked super hard this week. Like, SUPER hard, lol. But luckily, nothing bad happened except for a really bad bruise here or there. Elder Wedel said that he's never seen a better tuck and roll over the handlebars onto Asphalt going 35 miles per hour, hahaha.

2) Still really pumped to get a motor bike

3)Teaching these people named Dan and Reatha Ruggles. I LOVE THEM. They're my favorite. Dan has a huge woodshop in his back yard and we do wood work with him on P-days and lat nights when we have not appointments. Plus he fed us 3 times this last week. He was raised in Utah and took the lessons when he was 20, and says he'll never convert but that's a lie. And his wife is super sweet and is for sure getting baptized. They don't have any kids (they're in their 60's/70's) so I think they think of Elder Wedel and I as they're sons and they LOVE us so much. I can't wait for you to meet them.

4) Teaching a guy named Matt Freeman. Also super solid. The epitome of searching for the true church. Only problem? He lets archaeological stuff get in the way. HAlf of it's out dated like the whole "No horses in America" garbage. But he's still genuinely searching. He even came to church on sunday! He's super awesome. 

I love this ward SO much. I love this area, this work and my companion, you have no idea. This week produced so many spiritual experiences. Like when we taught the Restoration to the Ruggles, and Elder Wedel said the First Vision, we paused for a long time, and I bore testimony. What a powerful experience. I've felt butterflies on stage from performing, I've felt emotions moved during good movies, I've felt sorrow when I've lost someone or been hurt deeply. I know each of those feelings. I recognize them as what they are, just as I could tell you the difference between cake and a tomato simply by tasting. The spirit is unlike all three. It is a feast that exhausts my physical, emotional and mental capacities. I feel that spirit when I read the Book or Mormon, when I teach and when I testify. THE CHURCH IS TRUE.

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