Monday, May 2, 2016

Week #42--May 2, 2016

Hello all! Holy cow, this was the most eventful week of my mission. Like... There was so much. Sorry future wife, I don't know if I could ever love anything as much as I love my mission right now!!

I'll try and adequately describe what took place this week but it won't come close:
Monday: P-day, we played board games at Dan an Reatha's with the Sister Missionaries. Mostly just Monopoly. I can honestly say I've never been in a more competitive board game. When I say there was yelling and screaming, it wasn't in a nice way. Tensions were high, and the stakes were higher. But alas, the TRUE board game MASTER came out on top (That would be me, amidst the cheating of the sister missionaries and Dan)

Tesuday: We had a District Meeting and then... Well... Actually that day was uneventful...

WEDNESDAY: So we went on exchanges. While most of the exchange was... interesting.... We did service for this member with some other Elders. (Elder Paxton who was in the MTC with me and Elder Johnson who is a hipster beast) Afterwards during lunch, they mentioned 'the guitars'. Elder Johnson and I both love music so we were excited at that notion and asked to see them.

THE DUDE HAD THE SET UP! Huge drum set with electric guitars and amps and what not. Elder Johnson Immediately ran to the drums and I threw a guitar on and we JAMMED SO FREAKING HARD. The dude can slay on the drums!!! We played Green Day, 3 Days Grace, Walk the Moon, some Oldies, it was crazy! And then we decided we should bring it back to the gospel so we played heavy metal versions of Come, Come Ye Saints and If You could Hie to Kolob. #Dreamcometrue

Thursday: We had Squash for friends where we volunteer at a squash farm for charity. Then that night, we went to Dan and Reatha's and taught her Sister who was staying with them and would listen in from the other room and she told us she saw the change in Reatha, and she felt the spirit we brought into the house whenever we came and she wanted to be baptized! So all 3 of them came to church that Sunday! We set a date with her on May 28th

Friday: Did service for a guy named Brother Moore. We fixed his car (Mostly Elder Wedel fixed the car and just taught me how to Jack a car up and down and told me when to do it then I got bored and found Brother Moore's guitar and played that while he fixed the car, haha) And then went and did more service cleaning a house. Another family in the ward is moving into this house in the backyard of another member. Both parties on this property are Grade-A Crazy

Saturday: We moved the family into the house. At first, no one showed up so we called up Dan the man! So our investigator brought his trailer and we moved them! That was a long day. Especially because the Husband kept yelling at us for not doing good enough work, even though he was doing LITERALLY nothing, haha. Dan sure ripped him a new one. 

Then right after we were done (After 7 1/2 hours) Dan got a call from Reatha, and she had gotten the car stuck in the middle of the desert, so we got some boards and shovels and what not and went to save her and her sister (Yvonne). Now when I say the middle of the desert, I mean the MIDDLE of the desert. 40 minute drive from civilization, and she couldn't give good directions. She kept saying things like "Go behind the Airport" (from which side) "Start driving towards the sun, but a little to the right" "I'm buy the trees!" Haha, but we finally found her. They sure had got that truck stuck, but we were able to get it out. We had to smash the welds on a fence and go through a lot of private property but we made it out safely!! The reason we were so desperate to do it that night, is because the Tow Truck couldn't come until the next day during church! And if Reatha misses a week she can't get baptized!!! SO we pulled it off and got home before curfew. 

Sunday: They all 3 came to church! Then Bishop invited us to their family party afterwards. He told us that Elder Wedel and I were basically like family, and we felt like it! We were joking around with all of the youth! Swapping sarcastic jabs with the adults, it was awesome! I love this ward so so so much!

So Reatha's still getting baptized, Yvonne's getting baptized later,  Dan's looking at June to get baptized, Jeremy wants to get baptized in June, our investigator Tony told us he wants to get baptized.... This is the life! Seeing people's life change from the Gospel? Who wouldn't want to do this full time all the time? The only sad thing is that we might not get another transfer together, and this transfer is half over. But we'll just keep working hard and if we leave, keep the work going!!

I love you all, THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!

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