Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week #51--July 5, 2016

Okay, bear with me because a fetch ton happened this week

Let's begin with our new Mission President. President Taylor seems awesome! He seems like a super nice guy. We met him on Thursday, and it was a cool experience. We'll get to have private interviews with him sometime this month, which will also be an interesting experience. He's very organized and business like but also very smiley and loving. His wife is such a sweetheart too. They are definitely very different from President and Sister Hobbs, but I'm sure they're exactly what we need!
Next up: We got called to help some people move this week. They are non-members with a member aunt and let me just say they became our homies so fast. Elder Wedel and I felt so comfortable with them, we were all cracking jokes and having a good time and we got the move done really fast. They kept saying how much they were dreading moving their piano, and I was too (considering how many times I've moved our family's piano) until I saw it! Holy cow, it was a pansy piano! It was about 1/4 as heavy, (Elder Wedel and I could pretty easily lift it) much smaller, and had wheels. *sigh* but alas. 
They were very grateful and took us out to eat the next day. Elder Wedel and I had had a long day of working in the sun, so were exhausted and began to chug water like it was going out of style.
This resulted in us going to the bathroom
3 times
in 45 minutes. 
The 3rd time, I pulled a classic Brown move. Get out the record books for officially one of the greatest Brown moments of all time. *Insert Olan Rogers telling the following story* So we walk into the Bathroom, and it's just me and my companion, freeing water from our body in the natural way! The Weedster (Elder Wedel) finished first. I suppose he had consumed a slightly smaller amount of water than I had, and he washed his hands and went on his way. At this time, I am moving towards the sink to cleans my mitts with soapy water when by happenstance, a large tatooed killer (actual criminal history: unknown) walks in and steps into the stalls and I can see hear him lower his pants and sit on the seat. As I move to dry my hands and walk out of the door, my natural instinct kicks in causing me to TURN THE FREAKING LIGHTS OFF LIKE THE TRANCHE I TRULY AM. It didn't hit me until I was a few steps out of the bathroom and the door was swinging closed that "Great Googly Moogly! We got to go!" I book it back to the table, hasteningly try to explain my story and we leave. As we're getting in the car we saw Mr. Jacked Banana's coming out and giving us the angry eye. 
Our hostess then asked "Why didn't you just turn the light back on and apologize?"

I had no answer.

Finally, the sad news of the daily... News.
Elder Wedel got transferred :( (although, we did get to wear Samoan Skirts to church in celebration. See Ramona For details) This was a sad day. After a wonderful 3 transfers/4 and a half months/19 weeks/133 days of being companions, we separated.
But I got a new companion! Huzzah for Elder Jensen!! He's a champ guys, I'm pumped to be with him. He's very different from Elder Wedel, but no less swaggin than that man. And we have a ton in common. In fact, he has a ton of nerdy card/board games and last night (the 4th) since we had to be in by 6:00, we just stayed up playing them. Granted, I'm a baby now with staying up late so I didn't make it past 10:15, but still! It was a party. He also has a super quiet dry sense of humor that I love already. Like today we were talking about how some people talk differently and I turned to him and I said "Your turn Elder Jensen, Say something!" And without missing a beat he turned to me and said in a dry tone "I'm giving up on you." I freaking died.

But picking him up was... an experience. I had to go down the hill to pick him up with another missionary... And neither of us ever had to be navigator when driving down the hill... For any of you who know anything about the California Freeway system... well.. You'll understand... Essentially, to make a long story short we ended up in the middle of the Ghetto in San Bernadino scared to death of the possibilities, almost getting in a very serious car accident, because the driver did not see a red light... Or the cross traffic we legit almost drove through. Yep. We drove through 2 missions to get there too. #Swag #TheLongRideHomeWithElderReese (that last hashtag is going to be a novel. It's going through editing right now and should get publish sometime in the fall.

Then when we got back, Dan and I decided to pull a little prank on my boy Jensen, so I told him we were going to go visit a potentials house. We show up at Dan's, and he comes out (he deserves a freaking Oscar for his performance) and says "I'm sorry boys, I don't want any magazines or whatever you're selling today" and we were all like "Oh no, we're mormon missionaries! Is your wife home?" And he get's this blank stare and asks if we were here a few days ago with that red headed kid, and we said yes, and he pulls out this baseball bat and starts coming at us saying "MY WIFE LEFT ME AFTER SHE TALKED TO YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE! WHAT DID YOU TELL HER! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?" Elder Jensen just about pooped his pants. So I stood in front, held up my hand and said "SILENCE!" and Dan just got a weird look on his face and started walking away. 
"Did you just rebuke him?" Elder Jensen asked, and we lost it. We were laughing so hard. It was hilarious!!

So that was pretty much the highlights of the week. I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July and had a lot of fun! 
I love you all so much! Church is true!

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