Monday, July 25, 2016

Week #54--July 25, 2016

Well, there's not a ton to talk about, so I apologize that this one will be short!

Holy cow, the end of summer could not come soon enough. This last week we spent like 2 hours tracting one morning, went to Dan's to get a drink of water and his digital thermometer (which is kept in the shade) read 110 degrees. That means it was quite literally 110 in the shade (kind of like the musical? But anyone I mentioned that reference to gave me a weird look... But it's whatever)

We really wanted to find a lot of investigators this week, and it just didn't happen. We did find 2 different lost-members while tracting, which was pretty cool, but other than that, pretty much no interest. 

We did spend quite a bit of time with some less-actives, and those lessons went pretty well. I think now that tracting isn't working for us like it did for Elder Wedel and I, we're really going to focus on the Less-Actives and Part-member families in the ward to see if those can lead to teaching opportunities (their friends and family in the area).
Dan is still Dan. Man if only he would freaking get baptized. He's the ultimate homie, he does more service for the ward than the ward itself, he understands the doctrines well, but for whatever reason he's putting off baptism :/ I just pray that I or the Elders meant to baptize him will know what to say to soften his heart and bring the spirit into his life, and help him know that he needs to be baptized and sealed to his wife. 

Oh, and I did a magic trick for a recent convert 9 year old with Asperger's to try and get him excited about the lesson. Unfortunately it was a little too good of a magic trick and he almost started crying because it blew his mind a little too much. Keep in mind this kid watches Horror Movies and plays M rated video games like it's no one's business and doesn't bat an eye (according to his family) so seeing the look of pure terror when I said "Is this your card?" Was a little unexpected to say the least. So no more magic tricks for Kenny, haha. My bad. 

Quote of the week:

"Christ's Atonement, of course, is for super sinners, and the midrange sinners, and then good people who make a lot of mistakes but are not wicked." -Neal A. Maxwell

So in other words Christ's Atonement is for you! And as a brother said in Sacrament meeting yesterday "Christ is not waiting to save you when it comes time for judgement, Christ wants to save you right NOW."

Love you all!

Church is true!

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