Monday, August 8, 2016

Week #56--August 8, 2016

This one will be short, I promise. I don't have much time and I'll explain why/

Now if this week was to have a title, it would probably "Brotherhood of the fiery stretchy pants" or something charming like that. Mostly that explanation will be at the end. 
So this week was another long hard one. I went on exchanges on Wednesday and we worked a little too hard and my companion for the day got a bad case of heat exhaustion and is not allowed to be in the sun for a few more days. 


But essentially this week was a lot of tracting and a lot of nothing. 

We did have one of the coolest lessons with dan I've ever had with him. We were reading the Book of Mormon and talking about it with him, and the spirit enlightened him in a lot of cool ways as we did, and he mentioned (and got emotional, but don't tell him I told you) that it was his Mother's birthday that day. He said she always let him take these missionary lessons when he was a kid, and never complained. And then he said:  "And it's just cool to think that she's probably hearing the same thing on the other side right now." 

Dang. That was a cool moment. 

Also IDK if you guys have heard about the big wild fires in Cali, but one got really close to us. So close we had to evacuate! That was sick. Sick doggy. At it's worst it was only about 3 miles from our area. Pretty gnarly stuff. 
So that meant we had to have a giant sleep over with 8 elders in an apartment. I will admit... Me and a few others went a little too crazy. But the festivities ended at around 2, so we're all good. Just mostly a lot of hearts were played, and fun was had. 

Then this morning when we got the all clear to go back to our apartment, the stove had been turned on by something (my companion thinks we were targeted by someone in the complex because we left the door unlocked and things were moved and shifted, I'm pretty sure my hips are just too wide and wreaked bumped it while packing for the evacuation, lol

So we had to get ready at some other Elders apartments where we found the true classic: SUPER SKINNY PANTS THAT WERE TOO SKINNY FOR THIS SUPER SKINNY ELDER.
I'm currently wearing them proudly. That's right folks, I'm in pants LITERALLY 11 sizes too small. It's a dream come true, haha. 

Well that's pretty much been our week. 

Remember that I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for everything you have done for me in the past and everything you continue to do for me. 

Church is true!

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